Shenzhen Homelux Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd 

is a company with many years of experience in RnD, Manufacturing and Sales of Security Products. Our main products are GPRS/GSM/Bluetooth remote control, burglar alarm system, outdoor siren and so on .


HOMELUX has consistently adheres to the policy of Low Cost Quality Products as our marketing strategy. Through various innovations and new product lines we have won the hearts of both old and new customers in the international market.We are widely exporting products with superior quality and competitive price to oversea market.


In addition, Homelux also provides OEM, ODM exploitation service and customized services for world wide companies.

Tutorial GuideGSM/GPRS/Bluetooth controller
GSM control is a GSM switch remote control system which can activate automatic gates with a free call from you mobile phone. The users’ phone numbers are programmed into the device by SMS. The device recognizes incoming Caller ID and drop the call before switching. With this system you can authorize up to 1000 mobile phones to open the gate at no cost. This system has two models N/O,N/C output.

Alarm Dialers &Communicator